When The Owl Met The Coconut

There once was a baby coconut, who fell from the tree.

An owl looked on content as can be.

Coconut rolled into a stream.

All became blurry, was it a dream?

The owl looked on distant in his tree,

Filled with his own thoughts, all about he.

“I’m so mindful, I’m so wise”

Little did he know that was a disguise.

Coconut could feel the breeze,

Happy and pleasant were the sounds from the trees.

Still lay The Coconut, feeling the water.

“Oh god!” said The Owl “That silly coconut is someone’s daughter”

“I’d better save her, my work is never done.”

While actually The Coconut was having lots of fun.

Down swooped The Owl.

Feeling rather foul.

“Hello” said The Coconut “wise old Owl”…

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