The Life Changing Magic of Gardening The Mind

What if we are at a critical point in human evolution? What if you signed a contract to be here right now at this time? In the midst of this? You signed the contract, got your ticket and here you are. Now what? If you are reading these words then you already know, work is needed and you are needed to do it. And this is step one. Awareness. What if our minds are being highjacked on multiple levels? Thoughts and actions distracted and distorted? You must take it back. The landscape of your mind is yours to cultivate.

The Original Garden, Findhorn

Do not think of your mind as an enemy you must silence. Together let’s relearn the importance of this amazing tool. For it is a tool that both separates and connects humans from and to plants and animals. The ability to see, feel and respond. This is a great power. And this power is your sovereignty.

But this art is being forgotten. Fear has swept over the world. We are unintentionally handing over our power. The ability to see, feel, connect, respond and act. Trusting those who have also forgotten the art of free thinking and right action. But all is not lost. You are invited on this journey to learn the next step.

Cullerne Gardens, Findhorn

Stop the noise. Stop the distractions. Stop the impulsive busyness. Tidy the mess of the mind. For as we tidy this internal mess we tidy the world. And the more people who tidy the mind the cleaner and clearer our world will become. For the benefit of all.

Think of it like lenses of a pair of glasses we’ve forgotten we’ve been wearing. Covered in layers and layers of dirt, built up over generations. Lifetime upon lifetime. Pain, hurt, fear. Now comes awareness, the awareness that we are even wearing these glasses. Now the tools to take them off. So we can truly see.

Remember you are not alone, no matter how much the current systems of the world maybe inducing fear and isolation. Touch into your heart and feel connection of humanity which knows no bounds. The golden thread of life that connects all humans and life force throughout all time, across all planes and channels. Can you feel even a glimmer of warmth and light shimmer in your heart in this moment?

As we order, clean and tidy the mind the light of the heart shines brighter. Our inner compass comes into action. Let’s shed the shackles of an untidy mind on this journey together. Here’s your ticket. Welcome aboard.

Cullerne Gardens, Findhorn

Step 1: Seeing the garden of our mind

Let’s think for a moment of our mind as a garden. As we settle into this visualisation take a moment to imagine a golden circle surrounding you now. Feel the breath in your body. Your feet on the ground. Take a few deep breaths and imagine the breath sweeping right through you and cleaning and clearing you from within. Like a cool fresh breeze. Imagine your mind as a garden. Notice the landscape of this garden, the life, the beauty, the dirt, the weeds, the litter. Notice any feelings and accept them completely, inviting them into the heart. Fear, sadness, doubt, anger, notice defences against this and trust. This is the middle, not the end. The messy middle, the hardest part. The stoping to see.

Take a pen and paper and sketch this garden. Your inner garden of the mind in as much details as possible, no need for an artists hand, stick figures, a rough sketch will suffice. A two minute sketch or a day of drawing, trust your own process. Play, enjoy, flow.

Illustrate it as it is. Noticing any thoughts, feelings about this inner landscape and welcome these thoughts and feelings into the heart. Do not try to judge, analyse or make any sense of the image with your mind. Gentling and kindly thank any thoughts that arrive and let them pass through the mind without any thoughts about the thoughts!

The Original Garden, Findhorn

When you have completed this image take a photo of it as it is now. Close the eyes. Sit with a straight back, relax the shoulders. Take a few breaths at your own pace. Bring to mind the image you just created. What changes are you drawn to make? Notice anything you’d like to remove, add, edit. With an open, gentle approach. With a sense of love and kindness. Like you are tending to the garden of someone you love dearly.

Open your eyes and set about this task. Rip, cut, erase, paint over, add to and remove. Tidy the garden of your mind. Like you are landscaping a garden. This may happen to your satisfaction in a few moments, it may take longer. Give yourself no longer than an hour, max. Don’t over analyse, plan or over think. Just play.

When you get a sense of completion, stop. Take a photo of your image as it is now. Look back at the before and after images. Notice how the mind/body feels when viewing the first image and how they feel when looking at the second. Close down the eyes. Sit up straight. Feel the breath in your body. Notice the thoughts in the mind with an open heart. As the thoughts arise notice where are their new homes in the garden?

For example;

  1. Worry “what if…” future fear based thoughts may go on the compost heap, they won’t grow anything now, but what great soil they will make once left to decompose!

  2. Hopes and dreams, these are seeds! Not ready yet, just the hope of life in the future. Are they to go into jars for seed storage or is there a space in the garden you’d like to plant this seed? Are the conditions for it’s planting ready yet?

  3. Grief, these thoughts need a tender hand and there own space for ritual. Are you ready to release this back into the earth? Placing a headstone, plant or symbol of remembrance and love. Maybe adding a sitting area, so you can sit and be present in this space. To visit here, but not to live here.

What other thought categories do you notice? Where are there places in the garden you’d like to place them?

The Original Garden, Findhorn

This can become a useful daily task. A daily tidy of the garden will begin to train the mind. The thoughts will come to know they are welcome and have a space to be. To settle. So they aren’t just whirling through the mind like ghost stuck in a haunted mansion. Just once a day at a time that suits you, make this daily tidy up a habit. By taking just a few moment to notice the thoughts with love and kindness and welcome them into their designated spots.

And then relax. Let go. A garden comes on over time. It can handle a few days of neglect on the days you can’t practice. Don’t over work it. A garden takes time. It need fallow time as much as tending to. Know that this space you have created is here now for you to visit, use and tend to with your gentle loving light touch.

I’d love to see the images of your imagined garden and here how you get on with this mindful art playful practice.

This blog post was co-created and inspired by the beauty, serenity and space of the gardens at Findhorn Foundation. With special thanks to the devas and the flies who sat with me as I wrote!

I hope you find this practice useful. If you’d like to join me to enjoy more mindful meditation together I run a weekly zoom meet up on Sundays at pm GMT it’d be lovely to see you there. For more info on this click here.

Gemma x

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