Stop! Notice! Create!

What is an Animated Whiteboard?

As we’ve been doing our 30 Days of Free Mindful Art project I’ve been watching loads of Mindfulness videos on YouTube and noticed a trend in these animated whiteboard films. They look so high tech! Way out of my budget and skills set or so I thought! Then the more I watched the more I noticed! Wait that’s the same hand from the last video and I’ve seen that image before! Hang on a minute…

Can I make Animated Whiteboard Videos?

I started with a ‘how to make an animated whiteboard’ search and found a handy how to YouTube vid. Which pointed me to the VideoScribe site. Where I found a free trial of VideoScribe.


So I thought I’d have a go myself. And had a play at animating our tag line ‘Stop! Notice! Create!’. Turns out making these animations is loads of fun! It was easy to download and super easy to use. I found just playing around with it and making mistakes, going back and trying again worked for me!


I couldn’t access all of the images and had to publish with the VideoScribe logo on to get these tools for free. Subscription looks like it’s around £8 a month.


Pretty happy with this first video! Let us know what you think and show us your whiteboard animations, we’d love to see them!


Watch this space to see if we become animated whiteboard addicts!

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