New Year! Same You!

I’m not falling for it this year! 36 years on the planet in this life time tells me that the striking of the clock at 12 midnight marking the ending of 2017 and the beginning of 2018 won’t change Jack! Or me! Or you!


Everyday is the day to live our intentions. Stand up for want we believe. Do what we love! Be the change! Everyday!

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This ‘New Year, New Me’ hype has become as commercialised as Christmas. Just another opportunity for the capitalist marketing brigade to point out “You’re not really worth it, but let’s pretend you are so you buy our products”. “You aren’t good enough, but buy this while you keep trying.”.

Break Free!

Well it’s time to break free of this diet, vegan, gluten free, bad tasting bologna!


Take a moment. Take a breath. Close your eyes. Settle.


Take a step back. Step out of the driving seat of your mind. Become an observer. Notice each thought as it comes whizzing by or meandering through your mind. Notice the thought “I am not my thoughts”. Notice the shift in experience when noticing thoughts. We aren’t aiming to ‘stop’ thoughts. Just take a step back from them. Settle into a comfy chair. Put your feet up, watch the show going on in your mind. Just breath. Just be. Feel your breath in your body and your feet on the floor. Switch from ‘doing’ to ‘being’ mode.


Open your eyes and take a moment to process that pause. That noticing. That Mindful moment. What was it like for you? What did you notice? What do you need? Create it that. Create care. Do you need more self care time? More meditation time? More being time? This is you. You know what you need. If you listen you will see. You can respond.

Check out more free Mindful meditations here 

There’s no ‘new’ you. No ‘new’ me. And there needn’t be. We are already “worth it” on January 1st 2018 a every other day.

Today is the day. The present moment is ours. Our intentions. Our self care. Our connections. Our impact on the world happens right now!

Embrace it! 

You are worth it!!!

With love and kindness here’s to you! And me! As we are right now!

Gemma  xxx

The Owl and The Coconut CIC

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