My experiences of mental health and mindfulness – Luke, 25

Growing up I’ve often struggled with low moods and a general feeling of low self-worth. I internalised all of my negative emotions and as such never received specific treatment. At 22, my mental health reached its lowest stage and I was diagnosed with depression.

Since then I have developed a much better understanding of mental health and its importance. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy sessions helped me to question my negative thoughts for the first time. I came away from the sessions with a kinder, more empathetic approach to daily life and myself than ever before. The CBT sessions led me to some reading around mindfulness and its benefits. Despite being extremely sceptical initially to an activity I saw as only for ‘spiritual people’, I was persuaded by my councillor to enrol on to an 8 week mindfulness course.

My preconceptions were only validated during the first session when we were asked to stare at a raisin for 5 minutes. My initial thoughts were what on earth could be achieved from staring at a piece of fruit. As people started to talk about the raisin’s creases and how it felt on their tongue, I was close to making a sharp dash to the exit; away from these ‘spiritual folk’.

I did though persist with the course and soon began to understand and reap the benefits of an increased awareness. I now regularly practice mindful meditation which helps me to stay firmly anchored in the present and enjoy all aspects of life (including raisins). I am kinder to myself and those around me and am accepting of emotions that I previously tried to block out; sadness, anxiousness, vulnerability etc.

I believe what I have learnt about mindfulness will help me in every aspect of life for as long as I am around. For that reason, I would encourage anyone who hasn’t done so already to give mindfulness a go!

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