How can we change the world? And where does Mindful Art fit in?

How can we change the world? And where does Mindful Art fit in?

Pressures of modern day life have us switched off. Living on autopilot. Just getting through the day. Zombies. Shells. With contents hidden deep inside.

Is this good enough? Is this right? Is this taking us where we want to be? How can we see where we are going if we’re looking at the floor? With shoulders weighed down. Our minds full of chatter. Body full of scars. Hearts full of pain. Mouths stitched closed.

We need to take a breath. I need to take a breath. Do you need to take a breath?

Pause. Take a moment. Look up. (No really do it now! Stop reading look up!) Look around you. Look inside your heart, your body and your mind. How do you feel? Yeah right now? Name it, how do you feel? What is inside right now? What are your Thoughts? Feelings? Sensations? Feel it. See it. Smell it. Touch it. Taste it. Just stop. Take a moment. Catch a breath.

What are you responding to right now? Pause the autopilot. Let’s regain control here. How do you truly feel in this moment? What do you care about? What do you need? What do the people around you need? What does the world need? How can we create this? Start by drawing a picture to answer those questions. A simple action. An act of imagination. Creativity. Exploration. An image of honesty. We all can dream can’t we?

Use your dream to create a mindful reaction. Express. Explore and share. Share what you hope for. Show us.! We care! We want to see it! We need to see it! The world needs to see it. We need to share our honesty. What do you dream of? Wish for? Need? What do you notice in your deep breaths and moments of clarity? What are the secrets in your mind? Stand back, take a deep, deep breath. Wait. Pause. Breath.

Steady. Informed action. Inform action. Creative action. Mindful action. Create change. Lead change. Join change. Join your allies. Join forces. Join me. Look ahead. Roll back your shoulders. Let the chatter in your mind slow and pause and become background noise. Acknowledged and let go of. Kiss you scars. They are past. You are now. Hug your heart. Be kind. Be compassionate. Be your own best friend. Remove the stitches from your lips and speak your truth. Be true. Be honest and open. Learning as we go. Together. We don’t have to be alone. We are in this world together. We are enough.

Mindful me. Mindful you. Mindful life. Mindful community. Mindful world.

World change!

Be change. Be true. Be you.

By Gemma

The Owl and The Coconut

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